Company Mission


Welcome to Longhorn Woodworks & Supply. It is my highest priority to provide each and everyone one of my customers with the finest quality product, highest level of customer service, and 100% customer satisfaction with every project. Longhorn Woodworks & Supply uses only the highest quality materials with every project it does. Creating innovative, fresh, unique Fine Woodworking items is the main focus of Longhorn Woodworks & Supply. It is my goal to reach out into the local community as well as all customers within the US and create truly one of a kind works of art for both the residential and commercial industry. 


Our Motto


"Where Service, Quality, & Style Come together". This is the motto of my business and are not only words, but my promise to each and every one of my customers. I believe that any customer has the choice to shop and purchase items from anywhere they chose. But these three principles are things that can either make a customers experience a wonderful one, or a horrible one. At Longhorn Woodworks & Supply I feel every customer should receive the highest level of customer service from the moment we meet. Quality is not just an requirement for me, but it is a promise. It is my promise to each of my customers that they will receive the highest level of quality with every product. Style we believe is what makes our products unique from any other company out there. I am a company that is willing to work with my customers from the very beginning to create exactly what my customers envision. My customers are guaranteed to receive a 100% one of a kind product with every product that comes from my shop and I take every effort and step required to achieve this.

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About The Builder
My name is, Jonathan Montgomery, and I am a Disabled US Army Veteran. I am born and raised in the great city of Tyler, TX. I have served 5 years in the US Army Military Police Corp with a 15 month tour in Baghdad, Iraq. I received my B.S. in Human Resource Development at the University of Texas at Tyler in 2015. During my final year of college I learned that I had a great passion for woodworking and creating amazing works of art. As a result of my newly found passion for woodworking combined with my long time dream of owning a business Longhorn Woodworks & Supply was born in August of 2014. I have found a strong passion for the Fine Woodworking industry and set out every day to create works of art that are innovative, fresh, and push the boundaries of traditional woodworking fundamentals.